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Apostle Pat Pagnanelli

Apostle Pat will bless you as she continues the ministry of Jesus, according to Matthew 4:23.

Preaching, Teaching and Healing is her message, as she comes to you In Jesus Name. Her desire is to "Bless You" and minister to your needs, through the Word of God, and by His Spirit.

Apostle Pat is also the founder of Living Savior Ministries.



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Pastor Tony Pagnanelli

Preaching the Faith message for over 25 years

"Faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the Word of God."

Pastor Tony truly has a Faith Ministry, and will teach you how to walk by Faith. Get a "Faith Lift" today from Pastor Tony's Ministry. His testimony will bless you, and encourage you, as you serve God.

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Dr. Jeanne Mattison

Powerful ~ Anointed ~ Prophetess of God, founder of Warriors Standing in the Gap, now known as Triple W.






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Rev. Judy Wells

Powerful ~ Anointed ~ Minister of the Word

Rev Judy  shares a love and compassion for women in need. Her messages uplift and share the struggles a woman faces.




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Rev Joe Rice



Rev. Joe Rice was ordained a minister of the gospel. His preaching is down-to-earth and compassionate. He preaches from God's heart.

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Apostle Kim Thomas


Apostle Kim was called of God to preach and share her prose and gifts to the family of God.  Apostle Kim has written numerous books regarding the goodness, and excellence of God and Spirit.




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